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Carousell is a simple way to sell the clutter in your life and find great deals to save you cash! List something for sale in 30 secs and buy what you need in a chat.

買賣全新或二手嘅傢俬&家居用品 每日有成一半嘅時間留喺屋企,打造一個溫馨、舒適

Carousell 支援 檢視所有 篇文章 被推薦的文章 點樣喺Carousell度安全買賣? 咩係「熱門推廣」? 點樣用「泵」功能增加曝光率? 點樣聯絡客服團隊? 如何開始

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Carousell Help – Frequently Asked Questions Carousell Support Reporting How do I contact the Support Team? Solving problems is a Core Value here at Carousell and we want all our Carousellers to get the help they need quickly and efficiently. If you we

Carousell Help 旋轉拍賣幫助中心 開始使用 Carousell 小貼士 產品圖片嘅小Tips 當買家瀏覽產品時,一張好嘅產品圖片能夠迅速吸引買家嘅注意力。點樣增加你嘅產品的吸引度,取決於你如何拍攝你嘅產品

Carousell Help 旋轉拍賣幫助中心 開始使用 Carousell 小貼士 如何於Carousell上購買產品? 係呢度會詳細話你知點樣喺旋轉拍賣上購買你嘅第一個產品! 如果想購買產品,只要撳入你感興趣嘅產品,按下「私訊/對話(chat)」的按鈕聯絡賣家

名改得貼切先可以容易被Search都架!仲有價錢同埋簡解呀!好嘅簡介可以吸引到好多Users架! 至於點樣可以令大家都知你有間Carousell店呢?就梗係Click 『Promote/宣傳』喇!可以Share 到你嘅IG 同Facebook 架!