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Kidulteam Ltd. is an energetic design and production house engages in business of licensing gifts, merchandise and promotion. With a team of efficiency and creative teammates, Kidulteam successfully win the trust of our partners and gain good reputation for high

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Gudetama for X’Mas 2015 @ 7-Eleven Dec 2015

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Kidulteam Limited 是香港貿發局美食博覽中的,供應多款大受歡迎的產品。您可聯絡參展商索取報價資料。關於我們 新聞中心 聯絡我們 馬上登記 我的最愛 (0)

Our design and production team work together to transform the abstract design idea to final product. They carefully go through the engineering process to ensure quality of the product can achieve licensor and client safety standard.

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