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OPPO Digital Australia’s 1.2m Balanced cable for OPPO PM-3, compatible with OPPO HA-2SE. Where are you?

And yes, with a pair of PM-3 lassoed to an HA-2, the balanced cable sounds more micro-dynamically vibrant than the standard single-ended cable. No, the HA-2 doesn’t offer a balanced circuit. Think of its output as quasi-balanced.

*NEW* – now further refined with the Solv X2. Starts shipping in mid December. Solv X2 Now available for the Oppo PM-3 in either Balanced or Single Ended. New sleeve options added. Although the PM-3 has a single sided cable, it is ready for balanced wiring.

The Blue V3 Oppo headphone cable is a customized version of our original Blue Dragon. This version is made specifically for the Oppo PM-1, PM-2 or PM-3 Planar Magnetic headphones. The Blue Dragon is our entry-level headphone cable. It is a neutral, very natural


We currently stock parts for the Oppo PM-3 headphone, as well as the PM-1 and PM-2. Note that while the PM-3 is sold with a unbalanced TRS cable that mates into the headset, the internal connection is a TRRS balanced connector, allowing for fully

With a weight of just 320 g, the OPPO PM-3 is the world’s first truly portable closed-back planar magnetic headphone. It folds flat and comes with a selvedge denim carrying case. When folded and protected in the carrying case, the PM-3 takes very little space

Acoustic Principle: Closed back

This Silver Dragon cable is made specifically for the Oppo PM-1, PM-2, & PM-3 Planar Magnetic headphones. Silver Dragon can improve the listening enjoyment of most high-end headphones and it has lots of detail, great energy, a fantastic soundstage with lots of


OPPO PM-3 1.2 meter cable with mic and button for Android & Windows Phone devices Price: US$ 29.00 PM-3 Portable Cable Without Mic (White) Details OPPO PM-3 1.2 meter cable without mic and control Price: US$ 19.00 PM-3 3 m detachable cable the

Sold per single unit, this is the perfect connector for use with the Oppo PM-3 headphones and recess. Slimline but roomy barrel, also can be used with Hifiman 4-pole, etc. For pinouts to either Hifiman or Balanced Oppo PM-3 please emal us via contact form or at

The PM-3’s sonic personality stems from their core talents with transparency. The entry-level OPPO aren’t as warm or as meaty as the Master & Dynamic MH40 but neither are they as tardy with timing; the PM-3 are lickity split fast with rhythmic charge. If you

14/5/2018 · Made by myself with quad core beldren ultra thin cable terminated with norbunga labs pro 4.4mm plug and a 3.5mm Oyaide 4 pin balanced plug specifically for the oppo pm3 and players / amp with the 4.4mm output, high quality build with silver solder and a

8/12/2015 · I know this question is not for me, but let me give you my personal opinion. When I purchased my Oppo pm-3 less than 2 months ago, I was on the fence about whether or not returning them. The silver plated cable I am using, made me keep the headphones

5/8/2015 · The Oppo PM-3 is the lightest planar headphone on the market at the time of writing and retails for a competitive SRP of $399. Read our review now on Headfonics.com

16/10/2015 · You might say it’s time for Oppo’s round three of headphones. The esteemed Silicon Valley-based manufacturer—whose popularity appears to be on the rise—first offered the PM-1 headphones ($1099), which were soon followed by the PM-2 ($699). Now Oppo has added the PM-3 headphones to its lineup

6N-OFC Balanced Headphone Cable 製品名:6N-OFC Balanced Headphone Cable (Black/1.2m) 型番:OPP-35BHC-1 JANコード:4571444920590 商品ジャンル:PM-3用GNDセパレート接続用ケーブル 希望小売価格:オープン価格 製品の特長 3.5mm 4極のステレオミニ

And Oppo goes out its way to give you extras for your money (a nice storage box, carrying case, 3-meter unbalanced cable and extra ear pads). If you are into ribbon-style headphones or just want an musical set of cans, regardless of the design technology, the Oppo PM-1 deserves a listen.

HI, I wanted to mention the Oppo PM-3 cable I got from you a week ago. I got the Oppo PM-3 headphones very recently and after a quick listen to them wasn’t that impressed with them so I thought I’d try your cable. I left them running for a full week as you advised

Quake your earth with Oppo PM-3 planar magneto! Oppo Digital brings the new addition to their Oppo PM series after the market blaster Oppo PM 2, which is the new Oppo PM3. The new PM-3 can deliver excellent & Crystal clear sound quality by using the power

1/11/2019 · They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help being excited – the Oppo PM-3 headphones are a sight to behold. Titanium arms, leather ear-cups, and gorgeous milled hinges – what’s not to like? The visual appeal of these headphones is instantly evident. Sitting at the

16/10/2015 · Upper-midrange and treble energy through the PM-3 was also a bit truncated when compared to the Oppo PM-1. While the PM-3 did not sound hooded or noticeably rolled-off when I listened to it by itself, compared with the PM-1 the lesser amount of upper

15/5/2015 · What are the Oppo PM-3? The Oppo PM-3 are highly unusual headphones, much as they might look like a more grown-up take on the Beats Studio. Why? They have a completely different sort of driver – planar magnetic – a type only usually seen in headphones much

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21/4/2014 · OPPO, known for their very high quality universal players, including the OPPO BDP-105 Blu-ray player, has now ventured into another arena: headphones. Their first model, just released, is the OPPO PM-1, which is an over-the-ear design, using planar magnetic drivers. At

8 cores*0.65mm(7*0.1mm)4+4 Hybrid Silver plated 4N OCC copper wire Cable For oppo pm-3 Can also be customized to your desired length (Extra charges) we provide 2 years warranty and replacement cable Length: 1.2meter(4feet),Litz geometry braid

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14/11/2018 · As per title, Looking for a decent quality balanced headphone cable for the Oppo PM-3 3.5mm to 3.5mm (TRS) or 3.5mm to 2.5mm to connect to my A&K

Oppo PM-3 headphones: This is used for the balanced cup connection for the Oppo PM-3. Per Oppo, the tip is L+, It can be connected by a simple 2.5 mm TS plug on both sides. I built a balanced cable and tested it successfully with this wiring: +, -, no G

15/12/2015 · After my review of Oppo PM-3 planar magnetic headphones, I discovered that headphone jack in the left earcup is balanced wired, despite the included single ended cables. That was actually a very interesting find, meaning PM-3 can be driven from various DAPs that

5 Metre Balanced Headphone Cable for PM-1/PM-2 5 metre (16.4 ft), balanced headphone cable for connecting the OPPO PM-1/PM-2 to balanced headphone amplifiers. This cable features OCC construction and a Neutrik XLR connector

This is an audiophile grade, ultra-low capacitance cable for connection between the Oppo PM-3 and a balanced output, such as the Pono player or balanced amps. We offer most standard connections such as XLR, 2.5mm TRRS, 4.4mm TRRRS and many

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Oppo PM-1/PM-2 Oppo PM-3 Sennheiser HD650/600/580 Sennheiser HD700 Sennheiser HD800/HD800S/HD820 Shure SRH1840/1540/1440 Sony MDR-Z7/Z1R Sony MDR-1A/1AM2 Ultrasone Edition 8 EX/15

Eidolic 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced plug The Eidolic 3.5mm TRRS 4-pole balanced plug is a complete solution for the balanced 3.5mm connections, featuring a simplified installation process, enhanced durability, superior ergonomics, and a unique appearance.

4/10/2017 · Extra Info: 1200mm long 3.5mm TRRS x 2.5mm TRRS to suit a range of balanced DAPs. Included 2.5mm female to 4 pin XLR adapter to enable use into balanced output desktop headphone amplifier. Nicely constructed 4 x stranded silver plated 6n mil spec

An OIDIO Pellucid Series audio cable for Oppo PM-3 headphones. The connector at the headphone end is only available with gold-plated 4-pole. Our Pellucid Series cables are made with a high purity oxygen-free silver plated copper with a Teflon coating. The cable

Also available with RSA/ALO, 3.5mm TRRS, and single ended 3.5mm or 1/4″. -24k plated 3.5mm TRRS. Dyson Audio Oppo PM-3 UPOCC Low Cap 4-pin XLR Balanced Headphone Cable

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Oppo Balanced Headphone Cable Oppo’s balanced cable allows you to achieve an immaculate interconnection between their PM-1/PM-2 headphones to balanced headphone amplifiers, like the HA-1. Features OCC construction and Neutrik 5 pin XLR PM-3

2.5mm TRRS BALANCED Cable for Oppo PM1/PM2 UP-OCC Silver Plated &Copper +OPTIONS $189.99 $7.99 shipping 3.5mm Balanced Cable for OPPO PM3 UP-OCC Silver Plated & Copper +OPTIONS trrs $159.99 $7.99 shipping 1 watching 1/4 inch Cable

This is an audiophile grade, ultra-low capacitance cable for connection between the Oppo PM-3 and a balanced output, such as the Pono player or balanced amps. We offer most standard connections such as XLR, 2.5mm TRRS, 4.4mm TRRRS and many others – if

The OPPO PM-3 combines true audiophile performance, elegant styling, noise isolation and portability into a pair of sleek lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones. With the PM-3, users can easily recreate the experience of listening to a pair of flagship headphones

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5/2/2019 · The PM-3 with balanced cable can sound almost as aggressive as a vanilla Focal Clear without the transparency, which trust me is a tall order for even the more treble tolerant people out there. I wouldn’t recommend going out and purchasing a balanced cable seeing as they go for over 150 dollars at the very least these days.