sennheiser ie80s review

16/5/2018 · Sennheiser IE 80 S review: these Sennheisers are weighty and full-bodied, but also lacking the excitement to justify their lofty price tag – read at the review at What Hi-Fi?


6/2/2012 · Sennheiser iE80 review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? – compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see iE80 specs and features. The last thing you’d expect to take to a pair of headphones is a screwdriver, but Sennheiser actively encourages you to tinker


Going forth into the review, I will be referring to the IE80S as 80S. Packaging and Accessories. The 80S comes with an adequate set of accessories, such as a carry case, selection of ear-tips and cleaning tool. When Sennheiser announced the 80S, I was

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11/12/2013 · Sennheiser’s IE80’s are both loved and maligned in the various audiophile circles, so I took them for a 3 week test drive to find out just what’s so great

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Sennheiser IE 80 S Review Per Marcel Salzmann, Product Manager Audiophile at Sennheiser, “The IE 80 S brings together professional sound quality and high-end aesthetics – the best of both worlds for those seeking to upgrade their portable audio experience.”

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28/2/2018 · So if you know the channel you already know that I have a partnership with Sennheiser. So obviously me telling you guys NOT to buy these might put my relationship with Sennheiser in jeopardy. But I told you guys

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24/4/2018 · 有咁上下年資的耳機玩家,都會聽過或玩過 Sennheiser IE 8,是具有代表性的產品。相隔多年終於來到第三代,IE 80 S 依舊採用單一動圈單元,保留了低頻調整旋鈕,不過耳機設計上就明顯更加流線,最重要是定價卻比以往更便宜

Sennheiser IE 80 S – 從細節着手,全面提升聽音體驗 17/04/2018 • Archimedes 現今市場,產品週期愈來愈短,不只是入門級影音產品,就連 Hi-End 品牌的旗艦型號,為數不少已由七年縮短至五年,耳機的轉款

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