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You can access the Reddit Survivor Discord here. /r/Survivor and the Reddit Survivor Discord have a loose affiliation. While they are connected as partner platforms, they are moderated differently by overall different groups of mods. However, vote manipulation on /r

Edit: repost as some links were falling foul of reddit’s spam filter. I’ll update this post with the rest of the seasons in due course, but for now: Big survivor fan, just found out that two Seasons of survivor South Africa was filmed in my home country and state of

Aaron’s storyline is tied up with Elaine and Elaine with no more girls’ alliance has no other story to tell except what happens with Aaron. First episode, Ronnie and Aaron target Elaine for being too social and Ronnie ends up the casualty. Elaine gets a cool down of

15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Survivor by Jim Hogue – on May 18, 2016 in Uncategorized Survivor is a reality TV legend, and most deservedly so. It has been on now for 16 years and has a rabid fan base. Some seasons are better than others, and this one

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17/5/2017 · Survivor isn’t a dating reality TV show but for some reason, the contestants did not get that message. Something about being out on the beach with a bunch of other strangers who haven’t showered or brushed their teeth in days makes people see hearts. And for

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3/4/2017 · I don’t think they have bug repellent, I remember Cindy on a survivor oz interview saying they didn’t. Plus I remember everybody got eaten alive on the Drake tribe when they went to the well the first day. I think they give them malaria shots (they used to give them

Top responsesI know sunscreen for sure, and after they use the restroom they get a small amount of hand sanitiser23 votesSurvivor: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Contestants Personal Hygiene  read more16 votesThey have a medical kit off-camera that includes sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, a bit of hand sanitizer for after they use the bathroom, and  read more5 votesWomen get tampons if need be.3 votesThey also have bug repellent, and certain medications (some people specific, some they all have to take i.e. anti-malaria drugs).2 votesJudging by appearances alone, I would think the women must have access to razors.0 votes查看全部

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Top responsesPlease complete our Season 38 exit survey ! This will help us keep a pulse on the viewing and redditing habits of the users of /r/Survivor . The survey is short, but  read more1 voteWere they going to do a Brains Brawn Beauty theme but then ditched it last minute? One tribe had two beauty pageant contestants and another observed they  read more18 votesWait is this really airing right now? LMAO this is kind of awesome. The survivor train just never stops14 votesTania reminds me of Debbie she’s fun to watch12 votesWhere do non south Africans watch this8 votesFinally