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I myself will firmly carry out this plan . 我本人將堅決執行這個計劃。His advice was firmly graven on my heart . 我把他的忠告銘記心頭。He planted his feet firmly on the ground . 他在地上雙腳站得很穩。She gave the delicate indication firmly. 她鎮定自如地給出了微妙

“condemn a child”中文翻译 把孩子看扁 “condemn as worthless”中文翻译 贬得一钱不值 “firmly condemn”中文翻译 深以为非 “rro condemn”中文翻译 档案及接待员 “sternly condemn”中文翻译 严词谴责 “condemn sb to death”中文翻译 判某人死刑

“firmly condemn” 中文翻譯 : 深以為非 “rro condemn” 中文翻譯 : 檔案及接待員 “sternly condemn” 中文翻譯 : 嚴詞譴責 “condemn sb to death” 中文翻譯 : 判某人死刑 “i condemn such crude manners” 中文翻譯 : 我痛恨這種粗魯的態度 “if you are

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We firmly believe that our just cause will succeed . 我們堅信我們的正義事業必定勝利。I firmly believe that i can win ! 我堅信我能贏。In a few moments she firmly believed he was dying . 有一段時間,她確鑿無疑地相信他正處于垂死的狀態。

“stand firmly on”中文翻译 确信, 深信 “to firmly deny”中文翻译 坚决否认 “to hold firmly”中文翻译 执持 “condemn sb to death”中文翻译 判某人死刑 “i condemn such crude manners”中文翻译 我痛恨这种粗鲁的态度 “if you are out to condemn sb”中文翻译

firmly condemn的中文翻譯,firmly condemn是什麼意思,怎麽用漢語翻譯firmly condemn,firmly condemn的中文意思,firmly condemn的中文,firmly condemn in Chinese,firmly condemn怎麼讀,发音,例句,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,版權所有違者必究。

“firmly condemn”中文 翻译 深以为非 “firmly demanded”中文翻译 坚决要求 “firmly established”中文翻译 We firmly believe in the principle of small government 145 .我们相信小政府原则。 The future , we firmly believe will be much better 未来,我们坚信会做得更

“condemn sb to death” 中文翻譯 : 判某人死刑 “i condemn such crude manners” 中文翻譯 : 我痛恨這種粗魯的態度 “if you are out to condemn sb” 中文翻譯 : 何患無詞 “strongly condemn the enemy” 中文翻譯 : 大罵敵人 “we condemn all sorts of

adv. 断然地,坚定地,坚固地。”firmly believe”中文翻译 认定; 无限信仰 “firmly cemented”中文翻译 坚实胶结的 “firmly condemn”中文翻译 深以为非 “firmly demanded”中文翻译 坚决要求 “firmly established”中文

We stand firmly by our decision to hire mr . t enor 我们坚决支持雇佣先生的决定。 The second chapter analyses various causes of the march – advancing south , especially of the non – proletarian ideas . ( 1 ) there are various non – proletarian ideas in the communist

to denounce or condemn 英文 – 中文字典的翻译 en Beyond the immediate and necessary action to denounce and condemn acts of verbal or physical violence, the West, and Europe in particular, now need to undertake a soul-searching exercise as to the

from all quarters 中文 翻译和定义 “from all quarters”, 英文-中文 字典 在线 from all quarters -General is determined to achieve a package in July so that there will be a basis for a good outcome in Hong Kong, but we also need political support from all quarters

What is the meaning of condemn in Chinese and how to say condemn in Chinese? condemn Chinese meaning, condemn的中文,condemn的中文,condemn的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by ichacha.net.

Condemn definition is – to declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil usually after weighing evidence and without reservation. How to use condemn in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of condemn. Choose the Right Synonym for condemn criticize, reprehend, censure

to struggle free of 英文 – 中文字典的翻译 en We firmly believe that the permanent memorial that was mentioned by the Chair of the Caribbean Community and endorsed by the General Assembly last year should be viewed as a tangible source of hope and a

We firmly believe that our just cause will succeed . 我们坚信我们的正义事业必定胜利。I firmly believe that i can win ! 我坚信我能赢。In a few moments she firmly believed he was dying . 有一段时间,她确凿无疑地相信他正处于垂死的状态。

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bargaining chip 英文 – 中文字典的翻译 这些以平行解决原则为基础的义务,不能作为依据对方采取的行动进行讨价还价的筹码。

to embody in what we build, 《google 新計劃 (Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore)》 to understand and embody the whole servant leadership 《收納小舖 丁戴爾的經營理念 (Kip Tindell: Uncontainable)

17/8/2019 · HONG KONG, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) — The Big Four accounting firms — KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) — released separate statements on Friday to voice their opposition against recent violence and illegal acts in Hong Kong. “We firmly

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We firmly condemn the outright interference by the United States in the affairs of a sovereign state and Russia’s strategic partner. It is highly regrettable that opposition politicians in Venezuela welcome aggressive unilateral action by a foreign government targeting the people of Venezuela.

“firmly condemn” in Chinese: 深以为非 “rro condemn” in Chinese: 档案及接待员 “sternly condemn” in Chinese i condemn such crude manners in Chinese? i condemn such crude manners Chinese meaning, i condemn such crude manners的中文,i condemn


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We stand firmly by our decision to hire mr . t enor 我们坚决支持雇佣先生的决定。 The second chapter analyses various causes of the march – advancing south , especially of the non – proletarian ideas . ( 1 ) there are various non – proletarian ideas in the communist

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8/10/2019 · “We firmly support the HKSAR government in taking all necessary measures in accordance with law to stop violence, end the chaos and restore order. “We again urge Chris Patten and his ilk to remove their black hand from Hong Kong affairs, give up their evil

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We are mindful that despite the unprecedented economic growth that has lifted millions of people out of poverty, it continues to be a reality for millions of others in our region. We call for more intensive efforts for its reduction and eradication.

Today, we once again commemorate the human rights disaster that took place in mainland China four years ago, and celebrate human rights lawyers who have made great sacrifices to defend freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) has today (3 October 2019) filed an application for leave to bring judicial review proceedings against the Commissioner of Police. This challenge relates to failings by the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) to comply with

We firmly condemn terrorism in all its forms and we commit to combining our efforts in a coordinated and more efficient way to fight against this scourge which constitutes a global threat for humanity and its values of peace and tolerance. 25.5、坚持协调

63 Wherefore, our will is and we firmly command that the Church of England be free, and that the men in our kingdom have and hold the aforesaid liberties, rights, and concessions, well and in peace, freely and quietly, fully and entirely, to them and their heirs, of

We firmly condemn those who are pushing Venezuelan society into the abyss of violent civil discord. We regard Washington’s unceremonious actions as yet another demonstration of its total disregard for the norms and principles of international law and an

We firmly oppose the interference in China’s internal affairs by any country in violation of the guidelines of the UN Charter.” Cui continued that the United Nations is an international inter-government organization composed of sovereign states, and only sovereign states can become its members.